My illustration practice is inspired by examining contemporary cultural and social issues. I draw on observations and subjective experiences to communicate everyday concepts in ways that people can relate to.

I’m fascinated with the ways in which people relate, connect and communicate with each other. I believe that it’s vitally important to have a positive and informed message that raises awareness without preaching. I aim to do this through utilising humour and through commenting upon recognisable everyday scenarios and situations. I want to open up a dialogue around various social issues that affect people and their lives. I want to make people think about their beliefs, behaviours, habits and how these impact on others.

The project ‘Guide to being’ explores everyday issues of a busy, fast-paced world in visualising ideas around finding peace and tranquillity through mindful living. Referencing both home and the figure, the resulting imagery invites the viewer to reflect on their own experiences. For example, how the pressures of managing a home, relationships and work-life can conflict with taking time to rest or be in nature.

Aesthetically, minimalistic use of line, naïve simplified figures and a paired down use of colour, texture and pattern are consistent elements in my work.

I develop my practice by not limiting myself to one medium or process. For me, it seems important to continually challenge the boundaries of my practice and expand my reach. My most recent work combines inks and collage in drawings that are then developed digitally.

This approach enables a distinctive fluidity of surface and line. Whilst using photographs of the natural environment as a raw material generates striking contrasts against these synthetic flows.

Applications for my work and motivations are most frequently found in editorial illustration or advertising.


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