"The space in between - what could this possibly be? I have been exploring the idea of light and pressure plus time but it was by accident this happened.

I had a big roll of light-sensitive paper that was in the light-sensitive canister and then I needed the canister so I left the roll of paper in the corner of my room. It just sat there for around six months so instead of throwing it away I put it through the machine to see if anything had developed or not developed.

I believe what came out of the machine, the results on the printed-paper, were quite beautiful. This is a 30” by 200” piece of paper so in the middle where the light could not get to it left and created some beautiful markings. Once again my interest is where the light to the dark there is a space between.

I guess what this looks like to me on the paper, the finished print, that in-between space you can’t tell if this is something arriving or something leaving exactly, a mirage possibly but I am aware this has a personal connection to me and not an obvious one to the viewer and that’s okay with me but I do constantly crave trying to express this space and bring the viewer to the space within there own mind."

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