“My passion for art is driven by a desire to raise awareness about issues that matter deeply to me. A constant source of inspiration of mine is the way in which art has been used throughout history as a device in social and political revolution. In my painting, I use a series of considered references from art history in conjunction with political issues I seek to convey. To communicate warnings to do with subjects that include; conflict, environmental concerns and social instability. Through a process of over-layering and utilising the media to provoke conversation around socio-political change. I look to how the materiality and the sensory experience of viewing the work can affect the discourse surrounding these topics.

What is important to me is producing paintings that strike a chord and work towards raising awareness of issues surrounding humanitarianism. I would like to expand upon the idea of creating large scale expressive paintings and continue to explore the discipline in greater depth, examining how to manipulate the medium and investigate variations in mark-making.

I gained a BA in Fine Art from The Cass Faculty of Fine Art and Design in London and I am currently studying for an MA at the Arts University of Bournemouth. I have exhibited my work in London, Dorset and Europe.”

Multiple political tweets stitched together with a yellow print on top
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