“I am an international artist and illustrator whose diverse practice draws on European and Indian culture in articulating the sort of contemporary issues that affect us all. I celebrate human psychology and the marks people make on the world. I am very captivated by contemporary life, how we live and think in today’s time and how our surroundings rapidly affect our mind and daily decisions.

My MA project ‘Modern Living’ is inspired from contemporary life, the issues we face in this new generation, the way life now is evolving and the changes that are seen and adopted by the society and the youth. I attempt to open up my fleeting observations of daily life for consideration.

In this project I have focussed on women issues and rights, harmful effects of social media, body positivity, gender and sexuality etc. till now. I am particularly interested in Issues which I am able to relate on a personal level. I develop visual responses to what I understand about people and their minds. I want my audience to think and connect with my artworks through their own emotions and stories and finish the story I have started.

I have used paints, pens, pastels and digital image-making techniques in creating highly pigmented areas of colour that echo traditional materials and textures. I have tried to focus on young adults, both in terms of visualising their experiences as subject matter and addressing them as my intended audience. I believe that art is a powerful source of change and inspiration for a community and through my project, I can inspire my audience to think differently about their contemporary habits and re-evaluate what’s right and wrong.“

Graphic image of a women wondering why her partner did not like the selfie she posted
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