“I am an illustrator currently working between Taiwan and the UK. My practice combines the multi-lingual and cross-cultural with traditional and digital drawing techniques. Filmic and literary documentary media underpin my subject matter. Observing current affairs reveals the oddities of everyday life that intrigue me.

I follow banal, unremarkable threads or trends that for some reason amuse me: accentuating these humorous aspects for others through my visualisations. For example, the distinctive characters that emerge can usually be recognised from their dramatic hairstyles. Whether curly, coloured or bizarrely shaped, these fashions reflect interrelated geographies and histories. I am interested in developing a fun and accessible visual language with which to draw out the connections between European and Eastern societies. Colour-matching and creating limited palettes is key as thin lines are animated with dry and textural brush marks to create powerful but approachable narratives.

My project is a short comic book and is painted with digital methods. The story is about: in a world that everyone is bald, a boy who dreams of having a stylish wig. However, the turning point comes directly while the boy realized that he is not able to afford the wig. The concept of the story is regarding creativity and the contentment in lives.”


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