“I’m an illustrator from Guangzhou, China currently working out of the UK. I love to draw my own universe, creating my own weird characters and ‘unreality’. The expressive faces of my anthropomorphic individuals enhance the funny side of normal happenings. Screen-printing and risograph are essential methods during my working process. My fantastical dreams and daily life are the primary resources in the whimsical narratives I develop.

Having previously designed two-dimensional products such as zines, comics, posters, cards and book covers, I’m now moving towards wearable outputs. Experimental compositions, layouts, textures, and collages are leading to colourful, humorous pattern repeats. These form the basis of my branding development. Colour is one of the core elements of my working process, it defines my illustration in a style. I frequently use fluorescent colours in my screen-printing and risographs.

For my final project, I wanted to create a picture book. My picture book is called ‘Dr. Tiger’ – it’s a lovely and warm story about friendship.

Dr Tiger has opened a small clinic deep in the forest, but no animals come to visit. One day something happens. Causing a change in the forest…”


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