For most, the delicate intricacies in the wing of a dragonfly, or the wrinkled skin-like texture of an old leather handbag, go totally unnoticed. Always seen as a complete and never in their component parts, this textural beauty is something of an obsession for me.

My work often represents the fantastical and whimsical, but texture and detail make up core elements of my sculptures.

I look to explore texture and detail through sculpture in all of my work, to bring to light the one area we all take for granted.

This current hyper-realistic piece is both multi-material as well as incorporating several techniques.

Materials used were a abase of silicone, which has then been painted using a silicone paint system.

The hair is a mix of human for the hair and Yak for the Beard.

The eyes were sculpted digitally and then printed using a resin 3D printer. theses were then hand-painted before being cast into clear resin and inserted into the head.


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