“I’m an illustrator based in the UK. Character design, clean shapes and innovative design is central to my practice.

I use limited colour palettes chosen for their vibrancy to create playful, humorous images. The results imply the autobiographical, although satire underpins their narratives. I am concerned with everyday social relations and encounters. Through illustration, the cultural construction of characters is examined.

My creative process stems from the systematic reflection on personal experience in the context of wider discourses and debates which I interpret these through the formation of characters, examining the relationship and interaction between text and image.

Illustrations start out as thumbnail sketches that I see as the pure ideas. Digitally manipulated, fleshed out and scaled up, these initially diminutive line-drawings become V, bright forms through several developmental stages.

I am driven by problem-solving and the satisfaction of tackling difficult, often diverse briefs to create outputs that are communicable and readable.”


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