“Wobbly and flabby it contains an excess of baggage, fodder and cartilage. But turns out, as it does turn out, the stuff of painterly origins as it has done before. Chewing gum repetition and shallow, skimming exploration. Naïve mixing pot plotting of effortless overworked order on a surface. Little air to thrive in but plenty to wallow in, a depth of infinite possibilities if you acknowledge there are infinite points of division within half a millimetre. Sweetie colours and vegetable greys with beiges from yesteryear old people’s homes, plonked on thin, thickish and flattish. It’s a varied diet none too healthy but not mainstream junk food either. Overdose on it and it won’t even register a blip on the monitor let alone trigger the alarm for a stomach pump. If you catch it early it will re-freshen.

Past case fatigue disguised well enough I should think but you never know what inappropriateness may leak out at the sides. A little bit of tape here and there never put off a diehard amateur explorer with an inadequate supply of sun cream. Memorial to yearly repetition it swings in the breeze hung only by a short length of butcher’s twine. Only to fall and bump its soft head on a soft divot shaped thing in the form of some modern-day private parts.”


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