Artisans of Dorset is a photographic project where I chose to document the works and lives of artisans in Dorset. Advertorial and documentary images produced in this series highlights on various artisanal values and will provide better visibility status to their businesses in the existing marketplace.

I travelled across the county, interviewing business owners and chose the ones who could justify the term ‘artisan’. An idea to include businesses and people in the landscape of this county led to the birth of this project.

This project is a response to my past photographic projects done on a commercial level to promote the products made by artisans in India.

I will continue to document more artisans on a personal level and with help of agencies, Internet and social media, I would like to create a resurgence in artisan businesses and encourage the urban masses to purchase more responsibly.

I hold a Master’s Degree in Pipeline Engineering and worked as a Sales & Marketing executive for five years in two different oil and gas firms prior to turning a full-time photographer.”

More from this series can be found on Instagram: srinath_rao88.


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