“My practice has transformed from literal representation of landscape to abstract interpretation of journey. Where once I depicted ideas about fulfilment I now embrace the real, the immediate and the present-ness of the voyage itself. I am a wayfarer, “Always somewhere, yet somewhere is always on the way to somewhere else” Ingold, T. (2007).

Using acrylic inks on clear Perspex as well as opaque surfaces I allow the paint to drip, run and merge using only tilt and gravity to influence the viscosity, volume and surface tension. My paintings tell of the materiality of the paint; a story of pigment and binder molecules that in turn visualise how we journey through space physically and psychologically. The route is defined by nodes, paths and edges; the journey reflects traits, moods and emotions. The use of Perspex exposes the interface between paint and surface thus revealing what is normally concealed.

For me, art is a journey as much as journey is the subject of my art.”


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