“I’m a non-binary artist; my work is focused on identity. My current work is based on the written word coming from a writing background words make a big part of their life. Especially journals. Making every aspect of the journal from scratch including building up a textured resin cover to making the paper to write on every day. Who we really are as people and everything that entails; our image the version of our selves we show vs who we are inside, the psychology behind what it means to be where we belong within both our selves and our surroundings, are we just one alone isolated or are we a community that can lift each other up.

My most recent work has been of self discovery and my personal identity has been revealed this year, the fear hasn’t gone away but it no longer masks my truth. We all have fear we all have limitations but it’s what we do with them that reveals our identity. My work is ever-changing and recently I’ve have been focusing on the written word and the power that is held within those words, their meaning the delivery why they were written. What is the context?”


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