“My work brings together non-representational formal concerns and charged figuration in sculpture, paintings, soundings, and films that reveal themselves slowly, first as familiar everyday concerns, then later as unnerving stories. The tension sustained between formal abstraction and image-based narratives deriving from his use of repurposed or common materials gives rise to a dynamic that posits the historical constructions of the domestic into a virtual space slippage.

The techniques I use can call upon or trigger influences from fine marquetry, past Zen raku ware, to glossy computer renderings, where dermis colour and texture challenge the mass of the forms. I spliced recordings of kitchen chores, echoing verse, distant commerce, pinball through the voids and enunciate the visual manoeuvres of shared existence. What is often present is an interrogation of the materials and a study of their particular properties – what we may take for granted being re-examined, and their premeditated appropriation questioned.

Compositions of complementary or juxtaposed materials and themes are approached in a playful manner, but a deeper dialogue of lifestyle choices, resource and labour allocation is never too far away: My use of ‘ready-made’ objects may urge the viewer to think of their status in our lives, while reflecting on their built-in obsolescence and transitory nature.”


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