"I use found materials and enjoy being physically engaged with my practice, creating work in response to a site or the form of the material. I am intrigued by support structures, both large architectural forms and the small domestic nail.

I tend to work quickly and spontaneously, but with a constant adjustment and negotiation; adding and subtracting from the body of material and form throughout, taking it from its’ most full to its’ most lean, always a delicate balance. A sympathy between myself and the material is required, or the piece becomes an object, rather than an expression of itself. Precarity is in the majority of my pieces, so despite the speed with which I sometimes work, there has to be ultimate precision in the assembling process. The cyclical nature of time and weathering, sits in my work, due to the nature of the materials I chose."

Long, thin planks of wood, reminiscent of a large bird nest
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