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Twelve clear balls filled with different coloured soil
Simeng Liu
Illustration of a funeral
Khanh Tran
Portrait of a women wearing a dark green tank top and glasses
Anirud Krishna
Two people wearing jeans and yellow shirts lying on the beach and rocks
CJ Cordice
A person with smudged eye makeup holding a piece of paper reading 'HOW IS THIS STILL HAPPENING?' covering their mouth.
Riley Gibson
A photo of a garden in a white hanging frame
Connor Brewer
Half a women's face painted to look like a magical alien with purple hair
Kirsty Wood
Image of a man using a blue shovel to put wood scraps into a bag in an industrial barn
Srinath G M
Sketch of a man wearing a gas mask riding away on a motorbike with a bomb labeled 'reality' in the background
Dominic Webb
Long, thin planks of wood, reminiscent of a large bird nest
Clare Baskerville
White figurines on a table
Anna Moss
Abstract image
Margret Maguire
Black and white photograph of a man stood in front of a large door
Andy Cope
Photography of a girl wearing a graphic shirt and pink trousers
Jason Dimmock
Illustration of a Badger in multicoloured leaves
Terri Stimpson-Peay
MA Fine Art graduate Alexx Haley with her work
Alexx Haley
Exhibit of MA Graphic Design graduate Anuja Khandelwal
Anuja Khandelwal
Women made from the sky picking from trees
Jenni Saarenkyla
Illustration of a man's face with sun rays on a pink background
JR Ryan

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