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Graphic image of a women wondering why her partner did not like the selfie she posted
Anjali Mehta
Vibrant graphic image of zoo animals and different shaped leaves
Charlotte McKew
Painting of a dragon's eye as it's captured a girl holding a sword
Xinzhi Liang
Illustration of a mouse thinking
Yu Ru-Ji
Illustration from 'A Town called Unkindness'
Hrannar Hauksson
Abstract Leopard Chair
Emma Green
Illustration of a circle with uncoloured leaves and plants
Immi Friend
Illustration of household objects inside a house
Tasha Dale
Painting of a black dog with a border made from pastel coloured, patterned fabric
Catrina Bruce
Blue and white illustration of a person in a bowl of water
Ilse Black
Illustration of eyes and a hand
Naureen Akbar
Artwork of blue, orange, white, black paint swirled onto a canvas
Gill Earnshaw
People in regular modern clothes holding old fashioned knight shields and swords
Jack Walker
Abstract sculpture on a white wall
Paul Skelding
Two women sat on the floor with a long sheet of white paper in between them with circles drawn on.
Marta Rinaldini
A blue sea
Tom Preston
Student artwork featuring cut out of different textures and bright colours
Steve Moberly
Multicoloured lines painted onto to glass and wall, reminiscent of London Underground map
Simon Merry
Abstract image of black, white, orange and yellow shapes
Shawn Martin
Sculpture of a mans head with a beard and short brown hair.
Wayne Humphrey

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