"I’m a contemporary fine artist with a background in textile design. A new perspective on sociological and political issues is presented through my choice of abandoned materials, dust and tumble dryer lint. Discarded elements are interrogated to gain the maximum knowledge contextually and theoretically. Combining materials from ‘the world’ and analysing how light and space effect an object is central to my research and practice. The significance of the offensive, invisible qualities are highlighted and reintroduce to the viewer in the form of sculptures and installations, whilst revealing the beauty within.

By compressing lint with epoxy resin a reflective surface is achieved, which allows the viewer to observe themselves through a material that has been formed from fibres collected in a tumble dryer.

By incorporating a completely sustainable and recycling approach to the creative process, the integration of sustainability, and arts development can be achieved in principle and practice. The object functions like a magnet, but also conceals possibilities which tests how far my own subjective potential goes in repeated use of the materials. The repetition of everyday actions can appear unremarkable to us, yet it is within these insignificant moments where I extract the narratives as ‘evidence of a life lived’.

The viewer is encouraged to activate their own responses to the objects, their context, and beyond that, to real-world from which they are derived."


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