I have a multi-disciplinary practice, working through performance, text, video and film photography. Research is at the core of my practice. I engage with the landscape through site-specific works, realising a need for re-enchantment as a means of rekindling of our relationship with the natural world.

I’m interested in the point where myth and fact meet or cross over. My practice borrows from history, folklore, occult practices, mythopoeia and sci-fi. Exploring a relationship with the landscape devastated by capitalism, I use fiction to discover pre and post-capitalist realities, histories and dystopian futures. I explore these realities through playful costumes with handmade, low tech and familiar qualities. My work is site-specific, drawing from and responding to my surroundings, local histories of folk tradition, rituals and ceremonies. I play with the different opposing narratives of the British landscape, the romantic, idyllic and the eerie.


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