“I’m an international artist and designer and go by the pseudonym Naga Red. As the pseudonym suggests, my work is broadly influenced by Eastern doctrines such as Zen Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism, and reenter in the group of artists concerned with the existential and timeless need of knowing the profound-Self such as, for instance, Marina Abramović, Bill Viola, Linder Sterling and so on.

My practice questions the public’s understanding of the concept of existence through the investigation of meditation and breathing techniques. The aim of each artwork is to offer the viewer an experience to reflect on their own persona and, eventually, in the best scenario, help to find out the purest and most genuine version of the Self.

Ephemerality, delicacy and fragility are often the main characteristics of my art, expressed by drawings, photographs, installations and performances. Metamorphosis, time and analytical researches are at the base of any process explored.”

Two women sat on the floor with a long sheet of white paper in between them with circles drawn on.
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