“I’m a contemporary film-maker and photographer who is interested in observing the everyday, capturing the minutiae of life and translating it into moments of intrigue and magic – whether it be for personal work, an exhibition, advertising campaigns or a TV commercial.

Within my work, I home in on the familiar and try to reposition it with atmosphere, subtlety and beauty. My imagery holds a strong narrative which I want the audience to identify with – whether it is a mundane detail, panoramic landscape or the raw honesty of portraiture.

With a unique colour palette and particular style of lighting, I create a familiar (almost nostalgic) feeling in my imagery whilst pertaining relevance to a modern, stylised aesthetic. My work has been described as dreamlike and displaying a magical quality whilst conveying universal concepts of wonder, adventure, exploration and mindfulness.

Working with a mixture of both analogue large-format film and digital capture I employ traditional darkroom printing techniques along with digital manipulation to produce each piece of work.

Returning to study twenty-five years after originally attending college, I have chosen to document solitude for my final body of work – ‘A Moment Either Side’ looks at the outdoor space and how both solitude and crowds can combine in having a positive effect on an individual’s mental state.”


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