MA Commercial Photography students have been talking to AUB after their MA Show in the Northlight Studios. Here Jason Dimmock discusses his work.

Can you tell us a bit about your work?

At the beginning of the MA I wanted to focus on an area of work which would lead to professional success, so I was photographing celebrities.

It wasn’t purely for that, though, as I also wanted to see if I could strip away some of the mask you might see with celebrities.

Alongside that, I wanted to test myself with subjects who are more vulnerable so I also worked with young carers.

I wanted to give the young carers more freedom in front of the camera and with the celebrities, I was trying to strip away their celebrity and bring them down to a level that the viewer would also be able to relate to.

They are very different subjects but I wanted to bring them to a level where they could be viewed side by side.

How have you enjoyed your time at AUB?

It’s been great – there is great support academically and also in terms of trying to develop each student towards a successful career.

I’ve learnt a lot and I think my practice has changed a lot over the course of the two years, to a point now where I am ready to be commissioned and get out there working.

I’ve worked in medical photography but had a range of jobs from a barrister’s clerk to working in scrap metal yards. I’ve done everything and I think the range of people I’ve worked within the past has helped with my portraiture.

I’ve tested myself under pressurised situations with celebrities – I like that adrenaline and trying to be able to relate to someone whatever their background.

What are you going to do next?

I’ve been pitching for editorial work and I’m trying to get commissioned for portrait work.

I’d also like to work with charities on some longer-term projects as I’d like to do jobs where you’re able to get a message out too.

The Guardian is interested in featuring these photos and locally they are going to be shown in the Lighthouse next year in collaboration with the charity so I’m looking forward to that.

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