“I’m an Icelandic illustrator who specialises in visual storytelling, primarily in the form of comic books. My work is often suspenseful and/or action-packed, filled with bombastic characters and scenarios. The primary goal of my practice is to entertain and tell stories.

My MA project is a graphic novel named ‘A Town Called Unkindness’ It is the story of a stranger who comes to a remote town in the American Old West and causes a bit of a stir with his presence.

At its core, the story is an exercise in comparative mythology. After studying the work of literary scholar Joseph Campbell and his writings on the monomyth I decided that my story would be a mash-up of tropes and themes from two very distinct and separate mythologies; On the one hand the myth of the American Wild West, and on the other, Norse mythology. The story itself is a largely Western one with many recognisable touchstones of wild west tales but with character archetypes that I have largely sourced from Norse mythology, some more overtly than others.

I have attempted to source the story points from tropes that are common and intersect in both Norse and Wild West myths and by blending enough I have come up with an original story that creates a world I leave open to further exploration in the future.

I decided to do this project in watercolours as I felt they would be ideal to portray the washed-out sun-bleached landscapes of the town on the edge of the desert where my story is set as well as the vast mountainous areas on the other side of town.”

See Hrannar’s website.


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