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Portrait of half a man's and half a women's face
Shuxian Pan
The word love in multiple languages
Shreya Jain
An open-aired swimming pool by the sea with a solitary elderly female swimmer
Mark Leary
Illustration of a giraffe doing a high jump
Tim Alexander
Photograph of a hand wearing a white glove against a white wall
En-Ching Lin
Abstract image of eyes
Ida Golebiowska
Illustration of Bournemouth Gardens
Sarah Foster
Multiple political tweets stitched together with a yellow print on top
Joshua Hill-Walsh
Illustration of the Clueless movie poster
Mia Horten
Image of children at garden tea party reminiscent of Da Vinci's The Last Supper painting.
Elizabeth Vickers
Girl with flowers covering her left eye
Camilla Murray
Image of a cove
Soham Jangam
Aerial view of a coast line on a clear day featuring a road on the cliff top
Lucy Hayto
Image of a landscape featuring water and mountains cut out in the shape of a body being held
Jessy Boon Cowler
Illustration of a earth in space, whilst a little space man floats around
People in black clothes wearing baskets on their heads walking in a crop field
Megan Lowe
Abstract block illustration of animals playing
Xiaotong Su
Graphic image of a girl wearing pink standing on a scale featuring 5 other girls in the background in white
Nadarampai Poopongpan
Worm eye view of multiple canvases painted green leaning against each other
Morven Short
Watercolour paintings of animals
Hattie Parker

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