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Jonathan Croose – Performance Supervisor

Dr. Jonathan Croose is interested in receiving applications from PhD candidates who wish to explore the relationship between performance and notions of place, the politics of heritage performance, and the role of the arts in urban regeneration and social participation. He is also interested to hear from students who wish to examine notions of ‘vernacular’ or ‘illegitimate’ performance, such as street arts, busking, walkabout theatre and clowning, that challenge ideas of ‘high’ and ‘low’ culture within contested notions of public space. Dr Croose is particularly keen to support students who wish to take a performance/practice-as-research approach to doctoral study, or who wish to explore ethnographic methods in arts contexts.


Petronilla Whitfield – Performance Supervisor

Dr. Petronilla Whitfield is interested in receiving applications from PhD students who wish to explore: the pedagogy of Actor Training and Voice Studies; the reading and acting of Shakespeare’s text; dyslexia and specific learning differences in actor training environments; embodied cognition and the creation of meaning in the text; how we read; multisensory processing in teaching, learning and inhabiting the text; acting and voice methods; action research as an emancipatory path for student and teacher; story-telling as performance; multi-cultural voices and authentic expression; the trans-mediation of reading and acting through new technologies, as a pedagogical support or dimensions of live performance