Student Adrian Finn, who is currently studying at AUB, first became interested in the bioluminescent insects after walking his local area near to Throop Mill, where glow-worms were once common.

While still sometimes spotted in Dorset’s wilder countryside areas like Durlston Country Park and Wareham Forest, glow-worms were once a popular sight in Bournemouth at nature spots like the Stour Valley Nature Reserve. However, increasingly warmer summer have seen the UK’s glow-worm population decline by two-thirds since 2002.

Adrian first approached Bournemouth’s Natural Sciences Society (BNSS), who helped him to dig a little deeper into the once-magical sight. Adrian said: “I visited BNSS in the hope of discovering more locally-specific information about Bournemouth’s glow-worm past. As summers have gotten hotter, the population have struggled to feed, and numbers have fallen hugely.

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